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My Favorite Things…Talented Friends!!!

Soooooo…I know that this post is a day late, but I have a REALLY good reason!!!  I promise!!!

Yesterday, instead of doing my normal job (being a make-up artist), I had to be a model as well!  YIKES!

My neighbor and good friend had a project due for her photography class and wanted to know if I would help her out.  And since my last portrait for work was taken almost 6 years ago, I figured it was time for an update.  But I didn’t want just any ole portrait.  No boring bank investor photo for me.  I decided to make a play on famous portraits.  We did three different looks-all of which will have their day on the blog, but for today I’m sharing the one that I have COMPLETELY fallen in love with and have made my profile picture on ALL of my work social media.  And as soon as I order new business cards, it will be on those as well.  I HATE photos of myself, but I LOVE this one!

new headshot

So, what do you think???  We channeled an iconic portrait of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  It goes along with Classy on a Budget.  And if you look real close, you’ll see that I am most definitely NOT promoting smoking as I’m holding a make-up brush.  🙂

So, My Favorite Thing right now?  Very talented friends.  Thanks SO much to the uber-fabulous Natalie A. Stevens for her phenomenal job on my portrait!  I hope you get an A!  You can see more of Natalie’s work HERE

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