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My Favorite Things : Lipstick!!!

For my age, I should be a lip gloss girl.  My hay – day was the late 90s when lip gloss ruled and only your grandmothers wore real lipstick.

However, I love lipstick!  I love the texture, the consistency, and of course…nothing beats the smell of lipstick!

So why then don’t I wear it more often???  I must say it has to be the maintenance.  I haven’t been willing to take the time for touch ups throughout the day.  Also, I kinda feel awkward wearing lipstick with yoga pants and a messy bun.

But this weekend I was invited to hang out with some super cool people at a hotel pool down in Shelter Island in San Diego and one of the gals there was rocking the most amazing red lip with her super cute retro polka dot swimsuit and fabulous wayfarer shades.  And she rocked those lips all afternoon poolside.  Through eating snacks to drinking cocktails and you know what.. she looks absolutely amazing!!!

So, with her ruby lips as inspiration, I’m doing another 7 Days/7 Ways only this time with lipstick.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to see each day’s looks or you can wait until next week when I recap all 7.

I also challenge you to lipstick for 7 days in a row.  See how your perspective on life changes.   And post them so we can all see the fabulous array of colors and textures out there.

And so without further ado, here is Day One!


Lipstick: 7 Days/7 Ways
Day One: Yoga Flush

Sporting yoga pants and a messy bun after yoga, I decided to go with a nice sheer flush.  No lip liner and the lipstick has a sheen to it so no gloss.

What I’m wearing: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bel – Ami

My Favorite Things…Pink Make-Up?!?

Ok, so I seriously think that I need to have my head checked out.  Me, the girl who lives in black, who doesn’t particularly care for things that are all girly has fallen in love recently with pink make-up!


Not pink like that!!!  Although I have to admit, it is a rather cool pic.

I’m talking more along the lines of the Spring 2012 collection for Chanel.


Soft pink cheeks that blend so beautifully into the skin that you can’t tell if it’s make-up or if she really is blushing.  Eye shadow that you can’t really see the pink, but for some reason, the blue in her eyes is positively beyond amazing.  And lips flushed in such a gorgeous color that it looks like she just had an 8 hour make-out session.

Perhaps it’s that my eyes change color and I rather like the shade they turn when my eye shadow has a tinge of pink to it.  Perhaps it’s that I went back to my dark brown hair and the pink tones look rather cool with it.  Or perhaps I’ve been spending way too much time with my little fashionista daughter who wears as much pink as I do black!  Haha!

Either way, pink make-up is my current go-to face and I’m actually going to admit that I kinda like it!

To get the look at home, try:
MK Mineral Eye Color in Precious Pink ($7)
MK Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss ($14)
MK Crème Lipstick in Whipped Berries ($15)
MK Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Sateen ($14)

Click HERE to purchase.

More pink make-up just because I can.  🙂


Photos from, and



Now, I know that I am going to get a lot of flack for this from some friends…those who have known me for so long that they know I’m allergic to red lipstick (ok, so not really, but aversion to it is similar to someone with peanut allergies eating a Snickers bar). I’ve always been a gloss girl. Nice, natural colored gloss. The creamier and silkier the better.

I’ve just never found a red lipstick that I even remotely was fond of. They were two blue, too orange, too sheer, too dry, didn’t last, made me get that white gunk on the inner rims of my lips (you know you’ve had that and it sucks!). Or, if I liked everything else about it, then it ran into the fine lines around my lips (with or without a lip liner). One word would describe red lipstick for me…YUCK!

That is…until now!

One of my favorite make-up companies, Boots No7, has partnered with Poppy King, the goddess of lipstick and in that collaboration came the existence of the PERFECT red lipstick aptly named “History”, as in the rest of my red lipsticks are history! This is the perfect blend of shine yet matte, that oh-so-gorgeous satin sheen. It’s ever-so-slightly warm in tone to flatter the skin, but doesn’t look orange. And, my favorite part, IT STAYS!!! The creamy texture stays that way for hours and upon reapplying, doesn’t cake, flake or smudge. This girl is truly a red lipstick convert!

In fact, I’m going to be rocking my red lips tonight at the Cocktails with Style event at Westfield Mission Valley. There’s gonna be photos there, so when I get the pics back from the event, I’ll post me with my crimson smackers!


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