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7 Days / 7 Ways Spring Eye Make-Up – Day 2: Teal Cat Eye

Ok, so here’s day 2 of my self-imposed challenge.  I’ve got to start off by thanking Harper’s Bazaar and Physician’s Formula for being co-conspirators on this.  If Harper’s Bazaar hadn’t send me the new Physician’s Formula Va Va Voom mascara asking for my opinion, then I’d still be in my no make-up slump!

But here we are on Monday, normally a work out and yoga day (meaning make-up definitely NOT required), yet I’m all dolled up (in a yoga appropriate manner) and actually feeling pretty cool about it all.  It truly is amazing the power of make-up.  Put your face on in the morning and see how much better of a day you have!  I dare you!

But back to today’s challenge.  I love cat eyes, just not on me.  Being on the downward slope of my 30s towards my 40s, my eyes just don’t have that same lift that they had in my 20s.  But, in the name of a good challenge (and needing to branch out a bit),  I decided to do not only a cat eye, but a SPRING TEAL cat eye!



What do you think?  I kept it nice and fresh.  A matte taupe eyeshadow as the base, a smidgen (and yes that is a technical term!) of brown eyeshadow in the crease.  Then used a light teal eye pencil to give me that cat eye while setting it with matching eye shadow.  Add to that two healthy coats of Physician’s Formula Va Va Voom Mascara and I’ve got some pretty fun and cool looking peepers for this gorgeous spring day!

But, now the hard part…what the heck to do tomorrow!  🙂


Spring Eyes 7 Days 7 Ways-Day 1: Spring Garden Smoky Eyes



There’s nothing like an assignment to get you out of a rut!  As a Harper’s Bazaar Style Ambassador, I’m often given beauty products to review and write about.  Some great, some not so great.  This one they sent me definitely has the potential to be in the “great” category!

I was sent one of the new Physician’s Formula Va Va Voom Mascaras and to be honest, it sat on my desk for a week and a half.  For starters, it was WAY too hot here in San Diego to even think about make-up.  Triple digit temperatures, single digit humidity (which wreaks havoc on older/drier skin) and then add our lovely firestorms to the mix, and let’s just say I had other things going on.

But this morning I decided to look up the details of my assignment and realized, “Oh CRAP!!!  The first installment is due TOMORROW!!!”  I had been lounging on the couch in my pajamas watching trash tv (you know the kind!  lol).  Hair was a shaggy, ratty disaster.  Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.  And truth-be-told, I had been like that pretty much all week.  Momma definitely needed some motivation.

So, what does one do when facing a deadline?  Cheat it and do something quick and easy?  Of course not!  I decided that the only way that I could demonstrate a killer new mascara was to start with a new hair cut.  Makes total sense, right!

An adorable haircut later and I was ready to complete my assignment.  I hadn’t done a 7 Days/7 Ways Challenge in a while (and being I was in a beauty rut), it seemed like the perfect thing to do!

Day One starts with a spring garden smoky eye.  I wanted a little bit more dramatic eye since I was going to have Va Va Voom lashes, but with it being spring out (and hot already), I didn’t want to look like a melted mess.  I used a shimmery neutral taupe eye shadow all over for a base, used a light green on my mobile eye lid and under the lower lashes.  Added a dark green to the crease.  Used a black eye pencil all the way around but toned the harshness of it down by topping/setting it with the dark green eye shadow.  Some light purple in the middle of the mobile lid and a shimmery white under the brows to highlight and I was ready for my mascara.

Now, the first thing that I always notice about mascara is the smell.  I’ve had some that worked fabulously, but smelled so bad that there was no way I would ever use them.  This one definitely takes the cake in terms of fragrance and that cake is a vanilla and chocolate one!  With scents of warm vanilla and cocoa extract, the mascara smells like you just walked into Godiva.  And the scent doesn’t dissipate after you put it on.  I’ve had it on for almost an hour and can still smell the seductive sweetness of it.

The second thing I usually care about with mascara is the packaging.  I know I’m weird, but I want things that are going to look and feel gorgeous in my hand.  And let me just say, “WOW!”  A nice rich, sexy red (not too tomato or bright), it has black velvet swirls and lace all over it giving it a beautifully tactile feel.  Combine that with an adorable silver stilleto charm tied around it and it’s downright sexy and adorable at the same time.

And now you’re saying, “But Jeanette, does it work?”  While I’m generally not a fan of those spiky, rubbery wands, this one’s not too bad.  I’ve actually poked my eyes with other brands, but this one combines the classic shape of a volumizing mascara brush with the new spiky bristles.  The formula is thick, but not dry or flaky.  It did require two coats, but those two coats definitely gave me the voluptuous volume, luscious length and gorgeous curves that the packaging claimed.  And I didn’t even need to use an eyelash comb.  The few clumps I had, the ingenious brush easily took care of.


(photo from

So, do I like the new Physician’s Formula Va Va Voom Mascara?  Yes.  Do I LOVE it?  Not sure, but I’ve got 6 more days of playing with it to find out!

The One Hundred: #1-The A-Line Dress…

Ok, I’m going to be honest here. I’ve had the worst time with procrastination on the A-line dress. When I hear “A-line”, I immediately think of the 1960s and 1970s, a very mod, very mini-dress and that is so not my style. I am shaped like a stick, so any garment that flares out from the shoulder (as a 60s/70s A-line does) makes me look like I’m wearing a tent.


However, not one to give up, I hit up my trusty friend Google to find out more about A-line silhouettes and to see what I could do.

Turns out, the term “A-line” was first used by Christian Dior to describe his collection from Spring of 1955 (Now we’re talking! I LOVE clothes from this decade!). That collection featured the “most wanted silhouette in Paris” which was a “finger-tip length flared jacket worn over a dress with a very full, pleated skirt” (Susan Ward). Now we’re really talking!


Although, all of the sites I perused say that “technically”, Dior’s line was A-SHAPE and is not what is now understood to be the A-LINE dress. Yves Saint Laurent gets that honor with his “Trapeze Line” for Spring 1958 where the dresses were fitted at the shoulder and then flared out dramatically.


So, here’s my conundrum…Dior or YSL? Aaaaaaaah! Decisions, decisions! But as Ms. Garcia stated in the opening of her book, you must alter the items in the book to “suit YOUR personal style”. So, sorry YSL, Dior is more my speed. And at coming to that conclusion, I ran to my clsoet, peered in and discovered that I in fact have TONS of A-line dresses!

In fact, almost 3/4th of my dresses are Dior-style A-line! (The remainder being fitted sheath dresses.) Not to mention a few A-line skirts as well!

For starting out this challenge dreading it (I had even asked my Magic 8 Ball if I was going to have a hard time trying to find an A-line that I liked!), this actually turned out to be a super easy one that only required me to walk to my closet.

One of my favorite ones is by Prabal Gurung and the collection he made for Target. Whenever I need a dress that I feel amazing in, this one always takes the cake! I’ve worn it to meet celebrities (met the uber-fabulous Thom Filicia in it!). I’ve gone to a swanky Chanel/Harpers Bazaar/Neiman Marcus event in Beverly Hills. And most recently I wore it to a holiday party. It’s my personal party dress!




Check back soon, because next up is Animal Print. I’m challenging myself to 7 days in a row of something animal print!

Dior’s New “Dressy Nudes” Collection is Anything But Boring Basics…

I was given a fabulous honor recently. I was accepted by Harpers Bazaar to be one of their Style Ambassadors. They give me little “assignments” and have me share them with various social media outlets. And my first assignment with them just so happened to be right up my alley! The make-up alley!

They asked the Style Ambassadors to make an appointment with the Dior counter at our nearest Macy’s to give our thoughts/opinions on the new “Dressy Nudes” collection that is currently out.


So, I made my appointment online and went in to the store. And at first I was a little nervous. When I went up to the Dior counter, one of the cosmetics manager told me that the Dior rep was sick and was not going to be able to make it in today. My first thought was “Oh no! I was barely able to squeeze this appointment in! When am I ever going to find the time to come back before my deadline!”. I explained my situation to the cosmetics manager and she promptly brought over Julia. And while Julia technically worked the Chanel counter, she more than happily agreed to show me the “Dressy Nudes” collection and give me a makeover using the products. Considering Chanel’s and Christian Dior’s longtime rivalry dating back to the 1950s and before, I guess the two can play nice with each other. 🙂

After brief introductions, I sat in the makeup chair ready to go. On a side note, after working in the cosmetics industry over a decade, it’s always weird on the rare occasion that I’m the one sitting in the chair. 🙂

Julia cleansed my skin, prepped and hydrated it with the Capture Totale skin care line. I immediately wondered if it would make me as gorgeous and stunning as Sharon Stone from their ads. No such luck, but it felt and smelled so luxurious! Talk about heaven in a jar!

With my skin now soft and smoothed, Julia then evened out my skin tone with the “New Nude” foundation. It felt super lightweight and coverage was a nice medium. I felt like I had nothing on, but it evened out my skin tone.

Next she started with color. She used the “Dressy Nudes” Elegant palette which included the 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Grege, Rouge Dior Nude in Twill, Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder, and Diorblush Glowing Powder Blush in Passion Fruit.


I have to admit that I’m pretty picky about my make-up application and sooooo many times I end up with the sweet girl fresh out of high school who has a great personality, but zero skill in make-up application, especially on someone with skin not quite as taut as it used to be, a little more crepier than it used to be and not nearly as smooth as it used to be.

Julia gave me the BEST department store makeover that I have EVER had!!! Part was her mad skills (and boy does she have them!), but the other part was her ability to choose colors. So many makeovers I’ve had put me in such garish colors that I felt like I just got out of clown school.

The color tones from the “Dressy Nudes” collection that she chose for me did not look too pink on me, nor too orange. The collection was not littered with ungodly glitter. It had just the right amount of iridescence to make my skin glow.

By the time Julia was done, I felt absolutely beautiful. I felt like me, but the best version of me. All day long I’ve had a spring to my step. I felt sophisticated, put-together, powerful, like I could conquer the world. But I did not feel made-up. That’s the power of the “Dressy Nudes” collection. Powerful, but still you. Sophisticated, but still you. Absolutely amazing, but still you.

The “Dressy Nudes” collection is not made up of your boring beiges, basic browns and trite tans. It’s a collection of magic that transforms you from boring basic to “Dressy Nude”.

Here’s my “Before Picture”:


And my “After” picture:


And an up close of Julia’s mad skills:


So, the next time you’re in Macy’s, I highly recommend you check out the new Dior “Dressy Nudes” collection and if you happen to be at the Westfield UTC in San Diego, have Julia give you a makeover. She’ll change your life. 🙂

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