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When I Grow Up…

When I grow up…

I want to be able to mix prints just like my daughter!

Her outfit was not purchased as a set. She put it together herself. My little fashionista! 🙂


Shimmerific Good Time!

487249_493514737366293_1133570170_nThis past weekend, I was invited to attend a fashion VIP event for a boutique here in San Diego called Shimmer (gotta love my FGI San Diego contacts!).  The owner, Judy Figueroa, put on a fashionabulous mixer filled to the brim with fashion, fun and SHOPPING!


Owner-Judy Figueroa

Guests got a spectacular evening including a fashion show produced by Bad Madge Productions, Polynesian dancers, in-house DJ and that didn’t even include the VIP service!  And the Step & Repeat included the CUTEST accoutrements to make the photos actually fun to take!  Gotta love my ‘stache!

The VIP Area included wine (what’s not to love about that!) as well as a private seating area including the most adorable VIP Gift Basket EVER!  Took mine home to my hubbie and we enjoyed it in front of the fire!  I mean, come on!  Gourmet chocolate cupcakes and two mini-bottles of wine?!?  You know you’re jealous!  😉

And as if the fashion and entertainment weren’t enough, Bellus Academy and SD Salon were on hand for some much needed pampering!  Bellus gave mini-manicures, massages and make-up touch-ups.  If you haven’t had the Bellus experience, I highly recommend you check out their academy and salon!

And Andrea from SD Salon was able to add some life to my limp, lifeless hair with the coolest ceramic flat iron/curler.  My curls were still there the next day!!!  And did you know that if you purchase one of their flat irons that you can get your hair styled by them for FREE for an entire YEAR!  Yeah, definitely going to be purchasing one of those!


So, once I finished with my VIP experience, it was time to do that which women do when at places like this…SHOP!!!

The fashions at Shimmer are AWESOME!  The easiest way to describe it is Forever 21, only chic.  The price point for Shimmer was comparable to Forever 21 (even better on some of the garments!), but the selection was so much chicer and nicer!  Being a fashionista in my mid-30’s, I want to look fashionable, but I’m not in my 20’s, I don’t have a huge disposable income, yet I still want cute clothes.  Shimmer definitely satisfies this!

I walked out of there with the most gorgeous hat (the fun kind with feathers and lace) as well as a hot pink quilted handbag.  On my shopping list though for when I go back, (and I most definitely will be going back!), their super cute floral dresses!


IMG_0318And of course, what fashionista doesn’t love shoes!  Shimmer’s collection doesn’t disappoint!  The nude and black lace ones remind me of a pair of Valentino ones I lusted over a few seasons ago!  These less-expensive versions will have such a wonderful home in my closet soon!


All in all, fabulous event, fabulous fashion, fashionabulous boutique!
Thanks Judy for the invite!

Shop Shimmer:

Online at

Or in San Diego County at:
Plaza Bonita Mall
Chula Vista Mall
Plaza Camino Real Mall

Busy, Busy Bumblebee!

Fashion___Bee_by_juliefofisssUsually when I write about bumblebees, it’s on my gardening blog (, but in this case, the busy bumblebee is not fluttering about my flowers, it’s me!!!

2013 is looking to be a BUSY year for me and I am absolutely excited about all of it!

Of course I’ll still be doing my “regular” work as a make-up artist with my business, Classy on a Budget (  And let’s not forget my position on the board for FGI San Diego (  Those two things alone will keep me busy this year, but I’m excited to share a little teaser on two other ventures I’m working on this year.

In addition, I’m in talks to get into the international fashion manufacturing industry which is so exciting!  Can’t share too much as we are still in the planning stages, but a great contact (through FGI as a matter of fact!) felt that what I could bring to the table would very much be beneficial to her and the company she is working with.  It will be very rewarding to finally take my education background and put it to good use in an industry that I’m passionat about.  Can’t wait to share more!  But that will have to wait until later.  🙂

The other venture involves me making my own formulations of certain skin care products and cosmetics that I use often in my work as a make-up artist.  Excited to create these products based off of what I want and need for my business in addition to the needs that those around me have expressed.  I’ve always wanted to make my own product, but have always let fear get in the way.  This is definitely the year that fear gets kicked to the curb!  I’m still in the planning stages for my line, but hoping to have some basic formulations ready to be tested by quarter two.  Guinea pigs anyone?  🙂

So, as you can tell, my 2013 is shaping up to be a HUGE one!  It’s the year of expansion.  It’s the year of “Yes I Can!!!”  It’s the year of “Good Bye Fear!”  Here’s hoping your year is the same!

Bonne Rentree…Or Lack Thereof…

Fall is usually my most favorite time of the year.  It is the time of “bonne rentree” or “good re-entry” into the swing of things that is life after the laziness of summer.  Time to get back into a regimen of life-work, home, personal.  And let’s not forget fall fashions!  Afterall, we are currently in the midst of NYFW and even though the runways are full of next spring’s looks, the attendees garb themselves in the hottest of hot, trendiest of trends and chicest of chic fall clothes.

This is usually the time of year that I begin to feel more like myself.  The chaos of summer leaves and the more orderly fall emerges.  But so far, in the first week, I’m feeling more lost and unmotivated than ever.  Usually I have a mulitude of lists compiled for all my various “bonne rentree” projects.  I have everything tidy and rolling along smoothly.  And more important, I usually have enough motivation and energy for not only myself, but for another dozen work-from-home moms.

Not this year (or at least not yet).  And even worse than that (for me anyway) is I can not at all feel stylish, fashionable, sharp-looking, etc.  Those who know me know that I LOVE FASHION!  I love dressing up.  All sorts of styles, all sorts of garments.  Hair, make-up, you name it.  Heck, I’ve been known to don an entire stylish ensemble (including heels) just to stay home all day doing laundry.  But for some reason, everything I put on lately makes me feel like crap. (Pardon the “unclassy” description, but it’s true.)  Even my favorite items.  Nothing seems to match me emotionally or mentally.  I don’t even have the motivation to do my own make-up right now and when I do, no matter what style I do (and I’ve tried many), I feel like one of those tiara wearing toddlers on tv (which is quite sad considering that I am a make-up artist afterall).

I just can’t seem to find my groove this fall.  I can’t seem to find the style that is ME; that I feel confident and comfortable in and it’s driving me absolutely BONKERS!

The closest I got to feeling “bien dans ma peau” (good in my skin) was a couple of weeks ago when I was attempting to prep for the glorious fall season.  I wore a 50’s housewife ensemble with a cocktail for lunch and Frank Sinatra radio playing on Pandora.  Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the vodka for lunch or maybe my style sensibility really is treading towards the time of the utterly chic housewife.

Hmmm…I feel a social experiment coming on.  Only one way to find out.

So, if you see me around looking like the Beav’s mom, you know why.  And hopefully I’ll be smiling and productive.  Or else, if it’s lunchtime, come enjoy a cocktail with me.  🙂


Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

So, I just had to share this picture with everyone. My kids and I had just finished playing in the pool and were warming up on our lounge chairs when my four year old daughter announced, “Mom, I need a magazine.”

Well, without further ado, I promptly brought out an old Harpers Bazaar (the one with the stunning Mila Kunis on the cover) and gave it to my little fashionista.

I’ve got to admit…I’m such a proud momma right now! 🙂


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