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My Favorite Things…Pink Make-Up?!?

Ok, so I seriously think that I need to have my head checked out.  Me, the girl who lives in black, who doesn’t particularly care for things that are all girly has fallen in love recently with pink make-up!


Not pink like that!!!  Although I have to admit, it is a rather cool pic.

I’m talking more along the lines of the Spring 2012 collection for Chanel.


Soft pink cheeks that blend so beautifully into the skin that you can’t tell if it’s make-up or if she really is blushing.  Eye shadow that you can’t really see the pink, but for some reason, the blue in her eyes is positively beyond amazing.  And lips flushed in such a gorgeous color that it looks like she just had an 8 hour make-out session.

Perhaps it’s that my eyes change color and I rather like the shade they turn when my eye shadow has a tinge of pink to it.  Perhaps it’s that I went back to my dark brown hair and the pink tones look rather cool with it.  Or perhaps I’ve been spending way too much time with my little fashionista daughter who wears as much pink as I do black!  Haha!

Either way, pink make-up is my current go-to face and I’m actually going to admit that I kinda like it!

To get the look at home, try:
MK Mineral Eye Color in Precious Pink ($7)
MK Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss ($14)
MK Crème Lipstick in Whipped Berries ($15)
MK Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Sateen ($14)

Click HERE to purchase.

More pink make-up just because I can.  🙂


Photos from, and




I LOVE CHEEKS!!!  I’m talking about the ones on your face, not the ones on your behind!  So get your mind out of the gutter!

I’ve always been a self-professed eye junkie.  I ALWAYS did my eyes up super-spectacular.  Smoky eye, colored eyeliner, TONS of lashes and kept the rest of my face bare.  In fact, I never really liked my cheeks.  I’ve always had freckles on my face and as I get older, those freckles are starting to merge (I refuse to admit that they are age spots!)  Lol.  😉

But lately, that has definitely been changing!  I have become a worshipper of the cheek!  I’ve been trying to think about why the change all of a sudden and I’ve come up with an idea.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I live in San Diego, land of perpetual sunshine and no real winter to speak of.  In fact, last summer I actually embraced summer for the first time since college (been a decade, so a long time!).  I actually bought new swimsuits.  Got a pool and a comfy lounge chair for the back yard and I actually spent tons of time outside, relaxing, soaking up the glow of the sunshine (and of course the summer cocktails didn’t help at all!).  I’m liking the idea of having a healthy, glowing flush to the face.  It makes you appear more youthful and most people don’t get wrinkles on their cheeks, so there’s no risk of the make-up settling into lines.

So, here’s my application…I take a multiple colored, luminescent bronzer (Physician’s Formula to be exact) and start just on the outside of the apples of my cheeks, then I make large sweeping “C”s from the apples up over the temple and just onto the outskirts of my forehead and hair line.  Then I have a healthy rosy flush color, again multiple colored and luminescent (and again Physician’s Formula) and I fluff some on the apples of my cheeks and then gently blend it up my cheekbones.  Then I take the super pale shade from the bronzer (on my particular compact, it’s a cream irridescent color) and I dust it just above my cheek bones, a little under my eyes (to disguise my undereye circles), just above my temple, on my cupid’s bow and a little down the bridge of my nose.

I know, it’s a lot of steps, but it gives me a really beautiful, healthy flush.  I feel gorgeous, but not overdone.

Try it and you just might become a cheeks fan!

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