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I Was Fired and It Was the Best Thing!


For thirty eight years, I always prided myself on the fact that I had never, ever been fired from a job.  Ever.  I was always the one who left a job.  Truth be told (especially when I was in my twenties), the going would get tough, or I would get bored or worse, if I felt slighted in the tiniest bit, I would simply put in my notice.  Leave.  Find something new.  If I got bored, I’d leave.  If I got frustrated, I’d leave.  If my sales sucked or if I didn’t get that promotion, I’d leave.  I did this throughout my entire twenties.  When I turned thirty, I gave up on J.O.B.s and started working freelance.  I was my own boss and I got to choose which clients I wanted to work with.  If I didn’t get a good vibe from someone, if they ticked me off, or if I simply didn’t like working with them, I would just stop returning their calls when they requested me.  I held the power.  I made the decisions.  I ran my own life.

The thing about that type of control though, is that it can seriously affect your work ethic.  If you think about it, if I’ve never been fired, then that would make me a quitter.  Of course there are positions that, um yeah, you have to leave.  If they are taking advantage of you, if the situation is hazardous to your well being, etc.  By all means, quit.  But in each of my situations, I simply quit, gave up.  Looking back, I see that I was indeed a quitter.

I didn’t realize this though until I recently got fired for the very first time.  Let’s be honest, I was indeed on the verge of quitting.  I loved the job.  I loved the company.  But what they needed and what I could provide just didn’t fit together.  I was feeling very frustrated that what I was providing to my boss wasn’t working for them, yet he was still paying me for producing the work that I felt was “useless”.  I felt bad.  I felt like he was wasting his money.  That’s a feeling I really hate.  And it was neither of our faults.  I’m a great “key”, I’m just the wrong “key” to fit in the company’s “lock”.  I was feeling guilt, frustration, and those of course led to anger and a desire to leave.  But I didn’t.  I kept at it.  I pushed through the frustration.  I came up with even more ideas, more suggestions, more content.  But still, it just didn’t work.  We weren’t the right match.  So when I got an email from my boss asking when would be a convenient time to talk to me, I knew what he was going to say.  I was getting fired.

My initial reaction was anger.  WHAT?!?  ME???  FIRED???  WTF!!!  But after a bit, I realized that my being fired was a good thing.  It was the first time ever that I was not the one to give up.  I pushed through it.  I kept at it.  I didn’t quit like I had so many, many other times.  Am I relieved though that I’m no longer employed at that company?  Yes, absolutely.  Like I stated, we just weren’t the right fit.  I still adore the company and we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other.  But I’m also very proud of myself for not giving up.

The next time you are in a tough spot where you would normally give up, try and see if you can stick it out a little longer.  It doesn’t have to be forever.  Because by sticking it out, you never know what you might be able to accomplish.  Even if it’s just knowing that you can handle more than you ever thought you could.


The Power of the Universe…


The universe works in mysterious ways.  I’ve struggled lately trying to figure out “what I wanted to be when I grew up”.  I guess it all started in high school.  I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life and so I took the ASVAB test which tests your various aptitudes and tells you what areas of work you would do well at.  Unfortunately for me, the results said, “You’d do well in all subjects”.  Well that sure narrowed it down.

College was the same.  I decided to settle on a business degree specializing in the service industry as all industries require people who have a background in business and most require interacting with people.  Still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but at least it was a start.

I bounced around genres during my work life as well.  I worked for department stores, rental car companies, staffing companies, cosmetics companies, etc.  And while I was good at all of them, nothing felt quite like the right fit.  Even working freelance didn’t feel like the right fit.  I always felt fake, a phony, like I didn’t fit in.

Recently though, I started thinking about the things that really make me happy.  The things that when I do them, they don’t feel like work.  And I was able to narrow it down to two succinct things: digital communications and beauty.  I know that tech and lipstick don’t always seem to go together, I love being on the computer creating things that impact peoples emotions and lives, and I also love putting makeup on women and impacting their emotions and lives in that way.

It was a hard decision to narrow down my priorities and an even harder decision cutting/limiting ties to those projects that don’t align with those.

But the universe has a very weird way of working.  I had made my decision and redirected my focus, and literally the next morning I was headhunted for my dream job!

Starting Monday, I will be working for an aesthetic surgeon.  I get to handle all of his digital communications-social media, web site, blog, newsletters, etc.  His wife owns a skincare and cosmetics company, so while I work in the office, I still get to do makeovers on women.  I get to combine both things that I love to do.  I also get off of work in enough time to pick my kids up from school and then I get to finish my work day in front of my laptop at home.  To top it off, turns out I had met his wife years ago through a fashion organization I belong to.

So, when you feel like your are floundering around aimlessly, take a long hard look at what makes you happy.  You never know where it will lead you.


Happy 4th of July!


What’s Money Got to Do With It?


Lately I’ve been doing an awful lot of bartering and I’ve got to say…I almost prefer bartering to getting paid cash money!

With cash, I use it for things like buying groceries, paying the electric bill, putting gas in my car.  And while I enjoy eating good food, having lights on at night and driving my kitty cat around (I own an old Jag), I don’t get to do very much fun stuff for myself.  Maybe it’s the “mom” in me that I want to spend my money on “smart” things for my family, but sometimes I just want things for myself.  I work hard, I deserve it.  A happy mom/wife equals a happy life, right?

So it’s been exciting lately to barter my services for those that my friends and colleagues offer.  Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve bartered for recently:

-make-up/hair styling services for a couture, one-of-a-kind hat

-make-up/hair styling services for one-of-a-kind exquisite jewelry

-logo and marketing materials design for facials and chemical peels

-make-up/hair styling services in exchange for photo shoots

-marketing materials design for house cleaning services

-make-up/hair styling services for babysitting

I’m really open to just about anything!  I think that we can all get a lot farther along in our lives and careers by reintroducing the barter system.  Granted we still need paying gigs to be able to pay for our electric bill, but why not barter with our friends, colleagues and neighbors for other things?

What things do you like to barter for?  Got anything you’d like to barter with me for?


Photo from

Instant Good Hair Days!

I have been having some AMAZING hair days for quite a while now.  What’s my secret???  I have the most amazing hair stylist who put tape-in hair extensions for me.  Are they a little costly?  Moderately so.  But what’s the going rate on having a good, no, GREAT hair day EVERY day???

Here’s an article she wrote about the various types of hair extensions available out there as well as the pros and cons.

And here’s a pic of me having one of my many GREAT hair days courtesy of Southwestern Styling!


I’m Sorry!

I want to start out by apologizing to all of my readers.  I have been cheating you.  My philosophy is all about being classy on a budget.  Yet I have been completely one-sided.  I have been focusing only on the make-up side of things (I guess that tends to happen when you are a make-up artist by trade.) It didn’t dawn on me to offer you, my readers, more.

I have always had the reputation of being classy and chic.  And I most definitely embody the budget side of things considering a majority of my wardrobe I purchased at my local Goodwill.

But it wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I was shorting you all some stories and knowledge that comes with being classy on a budget wholely and spherically.

A new friend of mine saw my web address in the signature of an email I sent her.  Upon seeing it, she said, “Well, I want to be classy on a budget!” and she promptly clicked onto the link only to find a web site centered around cosmetics.

So, here is my pledge to you…a rebranding so – to – speak of Classy on a Budget to no longer include just cosmetics, but also how to be classy on a budget in all aspects of your life including interactions with others, clothes & fashion, entertaining, food & cooking, career, interior design, etc.  Anything and everything to help you live classy on a budget.

I hope you’ll join me in my journey, share in my experiences as well as share your experiences and ideas with me.  After all, you don’t have to be rich to be classy!


My classy daughter.  🙂

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup – Ha!

Ok, I just HAD to reblog this! This is a fantastic idea and absolutely hilarious! Fab job!!!

My Favorite Things…Pink Make-Up?!?

Ok, so I seriously think that I need to have my head checked out.  Me, the girl who lives in black, who doesn’t particularly care for things that are all girly has fallen in love recently with pink make-up!


Not pink like that!!!  Although I have to admit, it is a rather cool pic.

I’m talking more along the lines of the Spring 2012 collection for Chanel.


Soft pink cheeks that blend so beautifully into the skin that you can’t tell if it’s make-up or if she really is blushing.  Eye shadow that you can’t really see the pink, but for some reason, the blue in her eyes is positively beyond amazing.  And lips flushed in such a gorgeous color that it looks like she just had an 8 hour make-out session.

Perhaps it’s that my eyes change color and I rather like the shade they turn when my eye shadow has a tinge of pink to it.  Perhaps it’s that I went back to my dark brown hair and the pink tones look rather cool with it.  Or perhaps I’ve been spending way too much time with my little fashionista daughter who wears as much pink as I do black!  Haha!

Either way, pink make-up is my current go-to face and I’m actually going to admit that I kinda like it!

To get the look at home, try:
MK Mineral Eye Color in Precious Pink ($7)
MK Cream Blush in Sheer Bliss ($14)
MK Crème Lipstick in Whipped Berries ($15)
MK Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Pink Sateen ($14)

Click HERE to purchase.

More pink make-up just because I can.  🙂


Photos from, and


Amy Winehouse Tribute…

One of the most favorite parts of my job is when a photographer allows me to collaborate with him/her and share my ideas.  I had just one of those shoots this week.  A talented photographer and model wanted to recreate  an iconic photo of Amy Winehouse lying in a bed of white sheets and pillows.  Due to the nature of the hair, I was brought on board to do hair and make-up to recreate the quintessential Amy look.

So, we did recreate the photo, but then asked ourselves, “What else was Amy doing the night they took that photo of her in bed?”  Was she thinking about a lover?  Was she thinking about past songs?  Was she writing new lyrics?  Pondering the meaning of life and her existence in it?  Was she sad or simply complacent?

Below are some of the photos taken as we followed “Amy” through her evening.

Hair and make-up by yours truly.
Photography by Douglas (
Model: Calypso (

The One Hundred: #1-The A-Line Dress…

Ok, I’m going to be honest here. I’ve had the worst time with procrastination on the A-line dress. When I hear “A-line”, I immediately think of the 1960s and 1970s, a very mod, very mini-dress and that is so not my style. I am shaped like a stick, so any garment that flares out from the shoulder (as a 60s/70s A-line does) makes me look like I’m wearing a tent.


However, not one to give up, I hit up my trusty friend Google to find out more about A-line silhouettes and to see what I could do.

Turns out, the term “A-line” was first used by Christian Dior to describe his collection from Spring of 1955 (Now we’re talking! I LOVE clothes from this decade!). That collection featured the “most wanted silhouette in Paris” which was a “finger-tip length flared jacket worn over a dress with a very full, pleated skirt” (Susan Ward). Now we’re really talking!


Although, all of the sites I perused say that “technically”, Dior’s line was A-SHAPE and is not what is now understood to be the A-LINE dress. Yves Saint Laurent gets that honor with his “Trapeze Line” for Spring 1958 where the dresses were fitted at the shoulder and then flared out dramatically.


So, here’s my conundrum…Dior or YSL? Aaaaaaaah! Decisions, decisions! But as Ms. Garcia stated in the opening of her book, you must alter the items in the book to “suit YOUR personal style”. So, sorry YSL, Dior is more my speed. And at coming to that conclusion, I ran to my clsoet, peered in and discovered that I in fact have TONS of A-line dresses!

In fact, almost 3/4th of my dresses are Dior-style A-line! (The remainder being fitted sheath dresses.) Not to mention a few A-line skirts as well!

For starting out this challenge dreading it (I had even asked my Magic 8 Ball if I was going to have a hard time trying to find an A-line that I liked!), this actually turned out to be a super easy one that only required me to walk to my closet.

One of my favorite ones is by Prabal Gurung and the collection he made for Target. Whenever I need a dress that I feel amazing in, this one always takes the cake! I’ve worn it to meet celebrities (met the uber-fabulous Thom Filicia in it!). I’ve gone to a swanky Chanel/Harpers Bazaar/Neiman Marcus event in Beverly Hills. And most recently I wore it to a holiday party. It’s my personal party dress!




Check back soon, because next up is Animal Print. I’m challenging myself to 7 days in a row of something animal print!

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