I LOVE CHEEKS!!!  I’m talking about the ones on your face, not the ones on your behind!  So get your mind out of the gutter!

I’ve always been a self-professed eye junkie.  I ALWAYS did my eyes up super-spectacular.  Smoky eye, colored eyeliner, TONS of lashes and kept the rest of my face bare.  In fact, I never really liked my cheeks.  I’ve always had freckles on my face and as I get older, those freckles are starting to merge (I refuse to admit that they are age spots!)  Lol.  😉

But lately, that has definitely been changing!  I have become a worshipper of the cheek!  I’ve been trying to think about why the change all of a sudden and I’ve come up with an idea.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I live in San Diego, land of perpetual sunshine and no real winter to speak of.  In fact, last summer I actually embraced summer for the first time since college (been a decade, so a long time!).  I actually bought new swimsuits.  Got a pool and a comfy lounge chair for the back yard and I actually spent tons of time outside, relaxing, soaking up the glow of the sunshine (and of course the summer cocktails didn’t help at all!).  I’m liking the idea of having a healthy, glowing flush to the face.  It makes you appear more youthful and most people don’t get wrinkles on their cheeks, so there’s no risk of the make-up settling into lines.

So, here’s my application…I take a multiple colored, luminescent bronzer (Physician’s Formula to be exact) and start just on the outside of the apples of my cheeks, then I make large sweeping “C”s from the apples up over the temple and just onto the outskirts of my forehead and hair line.  Then I have a healthy rosy flush color, again multiple colored and luminescent (and again Physician’s Formula) and I fluff some on the apples of my cheeks and then gently blend it up my cheekbones.  Then I take the super pale shade from the bronzer (on my particular compact, it’s a cream irridescent color) and I dust it just above my cheek bones, a little under my eyes (to disguise my undereye circles), just above my temple, on my cupid’s bow and a little down the bridge of my nose.

I know, it’s a lot of steps, but it gives me a really beautiful, healthy flush.  I feel gorgeous, but not overdone.

Try it and you just might become a cheeks fan!


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